The Euroshore meeting  took place in the Kolin Hotel in Canakkale (Turkey) on the 28th of May 2015 and  was hosted by the Port of Canakkale.


The Kolin Group, one of the largest private groups in Turkey,  operates a port reception facility which is between the largest and most modern of Turkey.
The port reception facility can receive up to 250.000m3 of oily mixtures per year. Most of the waste is collected from transiting ships. Yearly between 45.000 and 50.000 ships are passing the Turkish Straits (Dardanelles, Street of Marmara and the Bosphorus).
The members representing companies based in several European countries were guided through the facilities. A very professional explanation on the different functions of the installation was given.
The installation separates the oily mixtures  in  water and oil. The water can after further treatment being discharged in the Turkish Straits. The processed (waste) oil can be used as alternative fuel for cement kilns.
The all process is as much as possible automated.
The facility has a well equipped laboratory.
After the visit a company movie was shown.