The wash water pH must meet one of the following requirements and the results recorded in the vessel’s EGCS Technical Manual (ETM) as applicable (Resolution MEPC.184(59)):

  • The discharge wash water should have a pH of no less than 6.5 measured at the ship’s overboard discharge with the exception that during manoeuvring and transit, a maximum difference of 2 pH is allowed between the ship’s inlet and overboard discharge; or
  • During commissioning of the unit(s) after installation, the discharged wash water plume should be measured externally from the ship (at rest in a harbour) and the discharge pH at the ship’s overboard pH monitoring point will be recorded when the plume at a distance of 4 meters from the discharge point equals or exceeds a pH of 6.5. This discharge pH, which is found to achieve a minimum pH of 6.5 in the wash water plume 4 meters from the ship, will become the overboard pH discharge limit.

Due to the dilution, we can assume that the pH of the wash water at the outlet needs to be somewhere between 2 and 3 in order to meet the IMO requirements (see MEPC 184(59).


French agency (ADEME) compares waste taxes in 10 different countries.

Comparison of disposal and incinerator fees in 10 countries.

  • Abolished in 2010.


  • Spain (Catalonia): 10€/ ton penalty (for disposal or incineration), in case the city or village hasn’t set up a segregated collection of domestic waste.
  • Denmark: incineration is possible at the lowest price in Europe.
  • Finland: Due to the climate, composting is very difficult compared to other European countries. Fermentation is promoted. Inert waste is exempted of the disposal tax. Export of domestic waste is forbidden.
  • Netherlands: the incineration tax was cancelled in 2011 but re-introduced in 2014 after monitoring an increase in waste disposal.
  • Sweden: Waste that is taken away within 3 years after disposal from a waste dump, can benefit from a de-taxation. Incineration tax was abolished in 2010 to keep a comparative advantage towards Norway.

Source: http://www.ademe.fr/sites/default/files/assets/documents/etude_comparative_taxation_elimination_déchets_europe_2017