Following the recent acquisition of AVISTA OIL Services UK Ltd by Greenbottle’s subsidiary Slicker Recycling Ltd, the parties have entered into a partnership to build a 100.000 tons feed capacity used oil re-refinery in Kalundborg, Denmark.

The current AVISTA OIL site in Kalundborg, which -since 2006- has been collecting used oil and re-refining benefits from having the infrastructure, planning permission and experienced staff to develop a new and increased capacity re-refinery for the Joint Venture parties.

AVISTA OIL and Greenbottle’s subsidiaries’ used oil collection network will supply ample feedstock from different European markets. The Joint Venture will benefit from both parties’ experience in collection and trading of used oil, engineering know-how, production of high quality base oil and the sale of finished products. The construction of the re-refinery, which will produce Group I  and base oil, is expected to be finalised by the end of 2019.

Slicker, the largest used oil collector in the UK, continues to invest to improve service quality whilst simultaneously expanding its operations and service lines. The re-refinery project is an opportunity for Slicker to leverage its market leading position and acquire additional used oil volumes to support the re-refinery whilst maintaining its existing Processed Fuel Oil markets. Avista Oil can concentrate on its core strengths of a vertically integrated business model whilst benefitting from its own used oil collection network and excellent existing third-party supply structure.

Source: Fe-Book (Go4Circle).