On 16 January, the European Commission published its proposal repealing the Port Reception Facilities Directive 2000/59/EC.

Better European rules for waste from ships

Euroshore welcomes the new proposal and its objective to build upon the substantial progress achieved under the existing Directive. Euroshore also welcomes some new elements in the proposal such as an improved enforcement by introducing the waste receipt. Also the principle that ships should deliver their waste before calling a port outside the Union is most welcomed.

Euroshore welcomes the further alignment with the MARPOL 73/78 Convention with the introduction of the new Annex 6 covering scrubber waste, but also by incorporating the revised annex 5. Euroshore appreciates the reference to the guidance of the IMO (International Maritime Organization) as proposed in MEPC 1./834 (Marine Environment Protection Committee of the IMO).

Euroshore supports initiatives such as an updated worldwide database for PRF’s (IMO GISIS database). The initiative of the Commission to update all info on PRF’s from Community ports will contribute to a better and complete database. Euroshore invites other countries to fill in the required data as accurate as possible.

Euroshore hopes that the clarifications on the fees and the interpretations of the direct and indirect costs will further harmonise the fee system. Euroshore supports a 100% no special fee for the delivery of garbage and fished marine litter as an important way to reduce marine litter. Also the clarifications on the exemptions for regular and scheduled ships are welcomed.

 Nuno Matos, Chairman of Euroshore: “We believe that the proposal seeks to increase efficiency, reduce administrative burden and aims to fully respect the ‘polluter pays’ principle. We see also elements that can contribute to an higher recycling percentage of the waste collected, due to a better coordinated segregation of the different waste types.

We also appreciate further clarifications and reference to the PRF-Guidelines which were issued in 2016.”

Euroshore recognises that better enforcement is not the only way to reduce the waste discharged at sea. Providing the right incentives is equally important. Incentives to so called “green ships” should be worked out as soon as possible.

Nuno Matos to conclude: “Port reception facilities believe that a good and constructive cooperation between ports and stakeholders is of vital importance next to a better enforcement, in order to reduce further the waste dumped at sea”.

The new proposal of the European Commission governing the Port Reception Facilities (PRF’s) for ship generated waste and cargo residues is launched. The proposal needs to receive the consent of both the European Parliament  and Council representing the Member States.. The discussion between these institutions can take some time before an agreement is reached.

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