On January 16th, the European Commission announced its proposal to review the Directive 2000/59/EC on port reception facilities (PRF). Euroshore, a trade association of port reception facilities, comments on this revision proposal.

Euroshore welcomes better European rules for dealing with waste from ships

Euroshore, a non-profit association of ships ‘waste collectors, welcomes this revision aiming to build on the substantial progress achieved under the existing Directive. Improved enforcement by introducing the waste receipt and the principle that ships should deliver their waste before calling a port outside the Union are positive new elements.

Euroshore is also a strong supporter of a better and more complete database for PRFs from Community ports and calls on other countries to provide these data in order to evolve to a worldwide database.

And finally, Euroshore hopes the revision will lead to a further harmonization of the fee system, clarifying the fees, interpretations of direct and indirect costs, and exemptions for regular and scheduled ships.  

Nuno Matos, Euroshore’s chairman: “We believe that the PRF Directive revision seeks to increase efficiency, to reduce administrative burden, and aims to fully respect the ‘polluter pays’ principle. We also favour the integration of elements leading to a better coordinated segregation of the different waste types which can certainly lead to higher recycling percentages of waste collected.”

Euroshore recognizes that better enforcement is only one way to reduce waste discharged at sea. “Port reception facilities believe a good and constructive cooperation between ports and their stakeholders is of vital importance in order to reduce further the waste dumped at sea,” explains Matos. Providing the right incentives is therefore equally important. “Incentives to ‘green ships’ should be worked out as soon as possible,” Matos concludes.  

The revised directive will be more aligned with the MARPOL 73/78 Convention by introducing the new Annex 6 covering scrubber waste and by incorporating the revised Annex 5 and with the guidance of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as proposed in MEPC 1./834 (Marine Environment Protection Committee of IMO).

About Euroshore

Euroshore is is an international trade association of port reception facility providers, founded in 1998 with members in Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Euroshore has clear goals in the framework of ship waste business awareness and regulations:

  • to promote to the shipping industry the use of port reception facilities that protect the environment through efficient and environmentally sound disposal of ship’s waste
  • to promote the use of its members’ port reception facilities
  • to promote relevant international policy, procedures and standards of competence for the collection and processing of ships waste

Euroshore goes for

  • accessible and affordable port reception facilities
  • clear rules
  • zero discharge
  • stronger waste recycling business