UNITECHNICS - Innovations for your sewer network

In this video, UNITECHNICS demonstrates the pre-treatment of wastewater from indirect dischargers at the example of cruise liners:

  1. Analyze the quality of wastewater through measuring equipment and determine the need for treatment
  2. Maintain and retain waste water in the wastewater reactor (by blowing in ozone-containing air and adding chalk)
  3. Post-measurement of wastewater quality and discharge into the public sewer network

Example: cruise ships are no longer allowed to discharge gray water into the Baltic Sea. The ports must accept the stored sewage water of various qualities and discharge into the public sewerage system according to the discharge conditions. There are different sewage parameters which are not OK coming from the cruise ships. For example, sulfide values ​​are often too high, causing odor and pH values ​​too low, which can damage the public sewer system.

In order to maintain the values ​​independently of the waste water of the cruise ships, the sewage is pretreated in a storage space canal and passed on to the public sewerage system only after successful treatment.