Danish innovation drive finds big emission savings

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A project of controllable pre-swirl stator designs improved fuel efficiency by up to 3.5%. Denmark's largest maritime innovation project has concluded with major emission reductions for shipowners J Lauritzen and Torm and several fuel-saving machinery innovations.


"Magic Pipe" MARPOL violations can be spotted from space

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Environmental monitoring organization SkyTruth watches for illegal activity using satellite data, and over the past several years, they've made it clear that "magic pipe" bilge water disposal can no longer be hidden at sea.


MAERSK tightens its ship recycling procedures

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Maersk is introducing contractual steps to ensure that its sales contracts include a strong financial incentive for ship recycling to be carried out responsibly.


EU ship recycling rules look like protectionism

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“The EU list is hard to take seriously. I called one of these “recycling shipyards” a few months ago, and they hadn’t even started building the yard yet,” says Angus Frew, BIMCO Secretary General & CEO. ”The list looks a little like protectionism and clearly disadvantages European ship owners,” he says.


Join us at the European Maritime Day on May 16 & 17 in Lisbon

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The European Maritime Day (EMD) is the annual European meeting point on maritime affairs and blue growth. It targets maritime professionals, entrepreneurs and ocean leaders from Academia, NGOs, businesses, governments and public institutions. It is therefore natural for Euroshore to attend this event, traditionally organized in May, each year in one different European City with a different theme.