World's biggest ship breaking yard

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Ship breaking is one of the most hazardous jobs in the world because most ships are used to carry radioactive materials, toxic wastes, extremely poisonous chemicals and oil. Not only does it directly affect the health of the workers, it is an environmental time bomb - as workers strip the ships marooned on the sea shore, there is severe contamination of the sea bed, eventually seeping into the marine food chain. We visit the world's biggest ship breaking yard, Alang.


Cruise ships use Caribbean Sea as a waste dump

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Under the current Caribbean regulations, ships can begin dumping garbage, including metal, glass and paper, three miles (five kilometres) from shore as long as it is ground to less than an inch. Almost anything but plastic can be dumped beyond 25 miles (40 kilometres).


Waste Disposal Marpol Vessel

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SEA HORSE OIL RECOVERY VESSEL OSRV Mavi Deniz market leader worlds largest producer the design and manufacture multi purpose anti pollution work boats. Multi - purpose anti pollution work boats can be supplied already fitted with all the equipment necessary to implement an effective and quick marine clean-up operation