Important tendencies of climate and environmental concerns change our sector and regulations at either IMO and EU level are getting stricter. At the same time, the increasingly more competitive shipping industry is looking for logistic optimization, meaning reliable services providers at all levels. And yes, especially here, our members play a critical role.

Euroshore, as the leading Association of the maritime waste sector, representing today more than 70% of the market, will face challenging times in the coming years.

A new team is taking a fresh look at those challenges and has the ambition to make the Association more meaningful for its members and to be an inevitable stakeholder for international institutions and market players related to our business. We aim to connect people and knowledge by presenting news and innovation, talking about new standards, providing opportunities for learning and linking our PRF world.

We believe that together we will continue to ramp up our Association, continuing the positive job that has been done in the last decade and extend our Association to an even more global level.

Our ultimate goal will always be to have clean oceans!