Members with ships fitted with scrubbers and trading in European ports are advised that based on the information provided by the club’s correspondents in France, Portugal, Spain and Gibraltar that there are restrictions placed on the use of open loop systems.


Picture: Standard Club

[…] Members with an open-loop (or hybrid) scrubbers installed on their ships would need to be mindful when their ships operate in regions where scrubber discharge is banned. These ships will need to switch to either closed-loop mode or to compliant fuel well in advance of the ship’s arrival at such ports.

A map with list of countries prohibiting discharge of wash-water from open-loop scrubbers is attached [below]. This list should not be considered as complete – as there could be more states enforcing similar stringent requirements in their port waters. As such, we recommend members to check with local agents or club’s correspondents on any applicable regulations in relation to the use of scrubbers, such as wash-water discharge restrictions, or requirements to seek permission from authorities for using scrubbers in port waters.

Standard Club, 25 February 2020, full article here