Established in 1990, TWZ Group, a joint venture between Sarpi (Veolia) and Betramin, a family-owned company, is active in waste management in Belgium.

TWZ Group has 6 operational sites in Belgium and is specialized in the processing of liquid and hazardous waste. It has the necessary permits in the 3 regions.

Based on its professional approach and know-how the TWZ group can offer a wide range of treatment techniques for the purification and processing of aqueous waste by thermal, physico-chemical, and biological treatments.

Oil-water mixtures are submitted to a thermal treatment, resulting in a water fraction and an oil fraction with low water content. The oil fraction can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Solvents (low and high flash point) are processed for the production of secondary fuels or solvent recycling. The secondary fuels can be used as an alternative energy source (valorization) for example in the cement industry and other industries.

Our partners collect 7/7 and 24/24 ships waste in the different Ports of Belgium.

TWZ Group has sites in the Port of Antwerp and Ghent which are processing ships waste. The site in the Port of Ghent is a full-scale port reception facility, located at the waiting area of the port of Gent. It has direct access to the sea-going channel. The unloading of vessels and the cleaning of ship-holds is possible.

TWZ Group also cleans tanker trucks, railway carriages, IBC and plastic drums. Once the cleaning process is completed the recipients are being cleared for re-use.

Considering the fact that natural resources are rapidly decreasing we are convinced that waste constitute the raw materials and fuels of the future” added Héliane Devlieghere-Haus, Administrator of TWZ.

For further information : www.twzgroup.be