January 2021 saw also the arrival of the first Finnish EUROSHORE’s member: Phoenix Collector!
Euroshore gathers now 37 members from 18 countries on 3 continents.

Established in 1996, Phoenix-collector, owned by Lucent Oil Ab, has a solid experience in the handling of oil-containing waters and waste oils derived from shipping and ports. They take care of the collection, transport and treatment of oil-containing waters up to destruction.

They collect oil-containing waters from Finnish ports using their own tanker trucks. Flexible and reliable collection services with a readiness of 24 hours are available throughout the year.

They collect oil-containing waters from vessels at Finnish ports.  The treatment and storage facilities are located at the Port of Hamina, in the South of Finland. After treatment, the oil is used as fuel by Finnish industries.

Phoenix Collector pays a strong attention to the environmental impacts and risks of its operations. They are committed to the development and continuous improvement of the level of their environmental performance and to the prevention of environmental pollution.

The company, which of course complies with the requirements of legislation and official regulations, also endeavours to anticipate future regulations and to serve as a trailblazer.

Our goal is to clean water released to the environment well below the nvironmental permit regulations. It is also our goal to reduce our energy consumption through means such as enhanced processes. We aim to reduce the amount of solid oil-containing waste. All of the electricity we use is so-called green electricity generated by wind power. In addition, we utilise leftover steam from a neighbouring plant. We also strive to reduce the fuel consumption and emissions caused by transport” said Jouni Tukiainen, Managing Director of Phoenix-Collector.

EUROSHORE welcomes warmly Phoenix Collector and is convinced that its expertise will benefit to all members. For further information, read here