The Members of EUROSHORE guarantee a correct and qualitative service with respect for human beings, environment and society. EUROSHORE INTERNATIONAL and its Members believe that the success of the association and its members is linked with the trust some one has in the Association and its Members.


  • The Member stands for professionalism with respect for quality and the organisation of a qualitative service
  • The Member stands for the creation of added value for the sector, the clients and the environment
  • The Member will work day by day to safeguard the environment for the future generations

The Members will:

  • Build up partnerships where open and transparent dialogue takes place with respect for individual opinion
  • Defer/refer always the law
  • Compete in an honest way, with respect of the free market principle
  • Try to improve the image of the sector
  • Strive to improvements in favour of clients, environment, partners and society
  • Cooperate with the official and competent authorities to improve the respect of existing regulations, their applicability, and to develop better regulations

Equipment, licenses and liability

All equipment including tank barges, trucks, containers, etc. chartered, owned, or otherwise controlled by the waste contractor shall be suitable and fully equipped for the tasks and shall be conform to international or nation regulations. The waste contractor shall be fully licensed and authorised by the competent authority. His personnel shall hold appropriate licences and all vehicles and barges shall be manned in accordance with the applicable legislation.
All members should have sufficient liability insurance covering oil spills or any other environmental damage in case of an accident.


All members shall meet the standards set by the international or national competent authorities with respect to waste handling for ships’ waste.
Representative samples shall (if necessary) be taken in accordance with the sampling procedures prescribed by the competent authority for that type of waste. At least 2 samples of each cargo (or otherwise agreed in writing) shall be sealed, identified and signed for by both the supplier’s and waste contractor’s representative.
The waste contractor shall confirm the waste disposal by issuing the “EUROSHORE” waste delivery receipt or any other form which is prescribed or agreed by the authorities.


The waste disposal will not start unless the Master of the vessel, the Chief Engineer or his representative has been invited to witness the disposal. The master of the vessel, the chief engineer or his representative will sign for the correctness-acceptance of the volumes. Exact volume transfers for liquid waste shall be calculated on the basis of the officially certified calibration tables (if applicable). These shall be made available to ship’s personnel at first request. For solid waste, the waste contractor will provide according to the agreement a calculation of the collected volumes/weight.
Tank barges are recommended to have all equipment calibrated and sealed by officially authorised bodies as prescribed by the law. Proof of this shall be attached to the specified equipment and be made available at first request.
All products carried by barges and trucks shall be fully documented at all times in accordance with the relevant regulations to this effect.

Environmental care

Environmental protection is one of the main goals of EUROSHORE members. They shall fully comply with port regulations and the provisions of MARPOL or any other relevant legislation.

Health and safety working methods

A safe and hygienic working environment is guaranteed at the place of work.
Health and Safety measures are promoted under consideration of up to date knowledge and possible specific dangers within the industry. The workplace must be safe and healthy based on the recognized standards of the ILO and national laws.
This requirement applies to any residential facilities provided. Employees must receive training on workplace safety practice Personal safety equipment (protective goggles, safety gloves, helmets etc.) must be worn wherever necessary.


Complaints of any nature including irregularities or alleged shortcomings should be addressed to the port reception facility first. If no proper response is given to the complaint, the ship or its representative can report the shortcomings to the competent authorities and to the Secretariat of EUROSHORE. Full documentation is imperative in such a case.
The Secretariat will try to negotiate between the PRF and the plaintiff.
The Secretariat shall in all cases inform the general assembly of the complaint anonymously.
The general assembly of EUROSHORE shall decide on the course of action to be taken, including disciplinary measures.