PDF icon Europe Economics "Impact assessment for the review of the 2000/59/EC Directive on port reception facilities for ship waste1.01 MB
PDF icon SWANET Platform for ship waste management (from Ship & Offshore GreenTech 2012).336.42 KB
PDF icon Lloyd's Register: Biofuels and their effect on the shipping industry.1.59 MB
PDF icon Impact of marine fuels quality legislation on EU refineries at the 2020 horizon.465.41 KB
PDF icon Ship emissions study. Prepared by: National Technical University of Athens, Laboratory for Maritime Transport.1.1 MB
PDF icon EMSA study on the delivery of ship generated waste and cargo residues to port reception facilities in EU ports, Final Report.256.38 KB
PDF icon Seas at Risk - Litter Manifesto for the North East Atlantic.2.2 MB
PDF icon Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) - Marine Litter Technical Recommendations for the Implementation of MSFD Requirements3.4 MB
PDF icon Seas at Risk - No Place for Waste Let’s end ship waste dumping at sea.388.54 KB
PDF icon OSPAR Commission - Assessment of the impacts of shipping on the marine environment.1.58 MB
PDF icon OSPAR Commission - QUALITY STATUS REPORT 2010 Assessment of the impact of shipping on the marine environment.44.8 KB
PDF icon EMSA - A Study on the Availability and Use of Port Reception Facilities for Ship-Generated Waste.95.97 KB
PDF icon EMSA - Study on Ships producing reduced quantities of ships generated waste – present situation and future opportunities.3.2 MB
PDF icon Seas at Risk - Position Paper Ship waste dumping and the clean ship concept How an improved EU PRF Directive can play a key role171.55 KB
PDF icon Port reception facilities for ship-generated waste and cargo residues:Infringement procedures.33.08 KB
PDF icon Port Reception Facilities: a summary of REMPECs activities in the Mediterranean Region.855.85 KB
PDF icon EMSA: The 0.1% sulphur in fuel requirement as from 1 January 2015 in SECAs729.11 KB
PDF icon UNEP - Marine Litter : A global Challenge6.59 MB